Reporting, and especially fiction reporting, has become a large and significant part of my work. At one point, the understanding came that while I was in place and concentrating on what was happening, on the contrary, I moved away from the world and the technical aspects of photography, I fell into a stream of pure consciousness and reflexes. This state truly brings me pleasure, makes me approach the state of an animal that does not know how to judge or experience complexes, it decides everything with instinct, heart, reaction. At these moments, you don’t want to take, you don’t want to give, you no longer belong to yourself. you are carried by a stream, a whirlpool of events is circling you, you have been brought to the point of assemblage, you have lost everything that society has given you, you have forgotten it all. There are no more goals or desires, only reflexes that lead your legs and control your hands. The look manifests itself in its wildest incarnation. And then you begin to understand what Andre Breton spoke and wrote about. Reporting is a pure stream of reflexes.